Monday, January 5, 2015

Necroharmonic January 2015 - new releases

2015 Necroharmonic releases

Crematory “Denial “ x 2 LP - gatefold / hand numbered vinyl. 

Putrifact / Decay – Split CD - Two bands from NJ , Which released obscure demos 25 years ago !

Phlegm “Consumed by the Dead “CD – Rhode Island 1st Death metal / Gore bands Discography

Disciples of Mockery “Prelude to Apocalypse “LP – Limited vinyl version Pillard / Roe / Deo death !

Rottrevore “Disembodied “LP – Demos / 7 “ eps discography vinyl

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Still working on for this year 

Derketa “Goddess of Death “LP - Vinyl of the demos / 7 eps early discography - new photos from bands own archive

Cadaver – Demos release – Massive demo collection from the bands own master music archive collected from Odden but Sad news We lost bassist Rene this year to leukemia..RIP brother

Cattlepress – Demo / Unreleased album , 7 ep - early discography

Womb / Disciples of Mockery – Split LP

Dripping “Bring the Suffering “ LP

Plus repress of X 4 more classic Necroharmonic Cds in the final stages this winter 2015 . 

Many vinyl releases feature new layouts , biographies , inserts , revamped better original cover arts, and inside unreleased photos and of course some unreleased music tracks.

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