Wednesday, May 31, 2017

MORTICIAN band Merch DEATH METAL T shirts for JUNE 2017 . Sick Tees and Long Sleeve Old school designs


Out Now

New release for Necroharmonic Productions , 3 new styles of Mortician shirts ( both Long Sleeve and Short sleeve  versions)
The New York Death Metal band here with some old school designs and killer merch for JUNE 2017.  Necroharmonic has had the pleasure of releasing the double CD release " From The Casket " and now here we have three styles of sick long sleeves and short sleeve tees for all the horror / grindcore / gore / maniacs  of the world !!

Short Sleeve merch

and we have Ladies Mortician T shirts available too.. same link.

Here is a snap shot

Here is a link for all the MORTICIAN merch we carry including Cds

One of the sickest bands in all of Death Metal history. It's low tuned Horror / Gore / Grind style is the apex of brutality in the underground scene worldwide. Here are some T shirts you cannot do without ! Since 1989 Mortician has brought the sickest metal leaving a trail of beaten and bloody posers in its wake !

A little information about MORTICIAN for all here..

From the start of the New York Death Metal scene , Mortician not only has been one of the heaviest bands in the world , but also influenced countless others with their brand to horror infused gore / grind and embalming. These items we releases are short sleeve version and Long sleeve Tees  with some original artwork taken from 1990 era which was also used on their CD discography of the same name , and from their original artworks from the early days.... Some of the T shirts contains the original NYDM symbol drawn by drummer Matt Sicher ( R.i.p. ) and Logo drawn by a former mental patient.

Mortician known as one of the sickest bands , signed to Relapse Records in the early days  , now working independently to spread their sickness to the masses... they brought releases like " House By the Cemetery " , " Hacked Up For Barbecue " , " Chainsaw Dismemberment " , " Domain of Death " , " Darkest Days Of Horror " and " Re-Animated Dead Flesh " .
Mortician members formed their own labels which include
Redrum Records - Will Rahmer  ( Vocalist / Bass )
Primitive Recordings - Roger Beaujard (  Guitarist )
They both carry distro items as well as many other full color Mortician T shirts / Hoodies / and body parts of victims ...

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Necroharmonic SALE MAY 2017


Cheaper prices on every CD / T shirt / Hoodie / Sweat / Long Sleeve / Zipper Hoodie.. EVERYTHING!!

We marked down every item in our store... also added these coupons for additional price breaks.

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Titles included - Many Occult T shirts ( Pentagram / Baphomet )

Bands - Incantation , Mortician , Crematory (Sweden), Interment (Finland), Gut (Germany), Mucupurulent (Germany), Interment (Sweden), Libido Airbag (Germany ) + more

Necroharmonic T shirts - Support the label directly with sick T shirts by Mark Riddick+ more ONLY $10 EACH !

Horror T shirts - Zombi Holocaust , Giallo , DeathWish

We also carry Men's XXL and XXXL Garments , as well as many Ladies / Girl's / Women's T shirts and Tank tops!     
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