Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Old Necroharmonic releases available for download , via Bandcamp

Death Metal albums  is being put up online , so we can spread our releases from over the years , we can also offer up some of our massive collection of rarities.Necroharmonic is on a mission to make as much music as possible , that is mostly unheard , and been rotting among stacks of fanzines , flyers , ads , and other merch from years past. 

Check out samples of the bands….
Exclusive content and rare recordings…
Upcoming release clips….
Bring your favorite albums along with you mobily …

Some exclusive upcoming Phlegm tracks …

But !  Some releases already uploaded full albums of bands like:
Crematory , Incantation , Corpse Molestation , Disma , Exhumed , Interment , Wombbath , Gut , Waking The Cadaver , Mastication , Mucupurulent , Fatal , Anatomia , Dripping , Disciples of Mockery , Dr Shrinker , Womb , Autopsy , Exmortis , Abscess , Eternal Darkness , Derketa, Rottrevore , Goreaphobia , and more !

Upcoming , Plenty of rare unreleased recordings , Live soundboards , demos , upcoming releases , 25 years worth of Death Metal Archives.

Since Necroharmonic was formed as a record label , we have amassed a huge collection of recordings , and rare demo music.

This includes Live soundboard music , audience recordings , and much much more. Since not every release can become an actual record , tape , or CD. We at Necroharmonic do not want to horde the recordings of some of the most classic metal bands of the 1980’s , 1990s , and 2000’s .

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